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Finding a successful career in the cannabis industry in Canada

Individual who are trying their luck in the cannabis industry will be happy to hear that there is abundance of job opportunities available in the cannabis world. All you need to make a smart move by identifying your interest and search jobs based on that. Cannabis in Canada brings tremendous job opportunities and statistics have proved this. You can secure various jobs in the cannabis industry starting from an entry level receptionist to a high ranked supply chain manager.

You must have heard about cannabis job postings on various sites. Getting help from one of the Top Recruitment Agencies in Canada will ease your search for cannabis job and increase your chances of placement in the cannabis industry.

If industry insiders are to be believed, there is a surge in the volume of jobs even since the cannabis made legal. It tells that there is a rise in the number of job posting and in the amount of the availability of jobs, both are evident.

Jobs are created in the field of medical and recreational cannabis

The effort on the part of the legal cannabis industries in Canada is also noteworthy in this regard. Almost all areas of the legal cannabis industry that includes both medical and recreational are constantly trying to create job opportunities to meet the requirements of the demand. Many of the applicants shift to the cannabis industry from other mainstream industries in the hope of better growth and to explore the excitement of working in a new industry.

So the cannabis industry is fast evolving and those who want to quickly find a place in this industry should apply for jobs for which they already have prior experience in the other industries for example, in customer care or retail management.

Demanding job sectors

Reportedly, the highest demand in the Canadian cannabis sector comes from the hiring of those licensed producers. So the industry is offering vast recruitment opportunities for candidates in the field of the cultivation and growth of cannabis, quality control, post-production analysis etc.

The job growth is also highly seen in the professional and technical and science-based positions and individuals with a background in science can apply for them. Other segments of cannabis such as extraction, preparation, and product research and development are also expected to create a lot of jobs in the coming years.

Future growth

The anticipation is that the demand will rise for candidates with prior experience in consumer brand marketing. This is because as more number of CBD products will come to the market and the expectation is that the government will lower the restrictions on them.

Even currently a lot of industries are recruiting candidates who have strong consumer handling skills and can educate people about the benefits of using cannabis products.

Because of the restrictions put on the advertising of the cannabis products the challenge is how to create awareness about the benefits of cannabis products among the new users of cannabis. Because the number of cannabis products is diverse in nature and there is the need to educate people about the benefit of taking them.

Shift from black market to grey market cannabis

You will be surprised to know that many of the qualified candidates in the cannabis industry come from the cannabis black market. They possess in-depth knowledge about the growth and sales of cannabis and know all the aspects very well and this subsequently helps them to hone their skills while being on the present job. Practical knowledge is always seen as an advantage by the recruiters and this helps these candidates who have experience in the black market.

However, due to the legalities and criminal clearance involved in the black market cannabis, it is better to move with caution while applying for a new cannabis job. While some employers ask for criminal cannabis records, others do not. The safe rule here is to address such issues in person rather than putting them in papers.

In several instances, it becomes impossible for candidates to show any direct experience for the specific job they are applying for. So seeking the help of a recruiting firm gives you required guidance and help to manage your job in a legal and secured manner in the cannabis industry.

Final opinion

In the future, it is likely that there will be relaxation in the rules of the cannabis industry in Canada. The trend is moving towards that. So those working in a cannabis industry today will have better chances of grabbing the opportunities that come to their way.


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